Give Jayme a chance at life

Give Jayme a chance at life One is added automatically every year until the cake is finally filled. 

For Jayme, the cheerful guy in the photo, the birthday candles stop very quickly. Jayme is 12 months old and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1. This is a rare and very serious muscle disease in which muscle paralysis increasingly occurs, causing the muscles to become thinner (atrophy). 95% of children with SMA type 1 do not live older than 1 to 2 years.

Arwen van Pelt: “I want nothing more than to hug him, but he can’t even do that now.”

If Jayme, in his second year of life, receives the drug Zolgensma, he can be helped. This drug replaces the missing piece of DNA needed for muscle development. Zolgensma is one of the most expensive medicines in the world, the treatment costs 1.9 million euros, but has not yet been approved in the Netherlands. So to help Jayme we need money, a lot of money.

Jim Bakkum: “The Jayme story touches me. As a father and as a person. Especially since I find it, and many with me, so frustrating that there is a medicine for him, but he doesn’t get it until that immense amount is collected. The fear of losing your child is terrible so I will continue to fight for Jayme until the amount is complete.” 

Jayme turned one year old on the 24th of may. Time for his first candle. To give Jayme a chance to grow up, we therefore start a special birthday promotion. We are currently living in a bizarre time when we are even more dependent on each other and the help of another has become even more important.

That is why we form one team, known and unknown Dutch, Team Jayme.
Together we are committed to drawing attention to all children with this terrible muscle disease and to raise the money that Jayme needs in his fight against SMA type 1. Let’s make sure together that it’s not his last birthday. Donate via: or scan the QR code for a one-time amount of 5 euros.

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