Stichting Team Jayme

The Team Jayme Foundation was founded in January 2020 by Jayme Avery van Pelt’s parents to support him in the treatment, therapies and tools that can help him develop and function with the neuromuscular disease SMA type 1. The progressive neuromuscular disease SMA type 1 is the number one cause of death in infants. For that reason the Team Jayme Foundation is committed to families with children with SMA type 1.

The Team Jayme Foundation’s primary goal is to finance treatments, therapies and aids for SMA type 1 patients. Parents of patients have to submit an application to the Team Jayme Foundation, after which the board makes a decision about whether or not to grant the financial aid that has been requested and in what capacity.

The secondary aim of the Team Jayme Foundation is to raise awareness for rare muscle diseases in general and SMA type 1 in particular and to provide information to both specialists and (family of) patients.

In addition, the Team Jayme Foundation wants to support families with rare muscle diseases in general and SMA type 1 in particular in areas other than the financial one, for example by setting up a knowledge and experience platform and offering social- and emotional assistance.

The board of the Team Jayme Foundation may also decide to fund research into rare muscle diseases in general and SMA type 1 in particular, possibly through other foundations and / or charities.

Name: Stichting Team Jayme
Chamber of Commerce: 77023641
Tax number: 860875696
Phone number: +31611106782
Bank account: NL11INGB0006640151

President: D.J.I. Quik
Secretary: S.C.M. van der Plas
Treasurer: V.Z. van Ruyven

The board is unpaid, this means that the board does not receive any compensation.

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